Electronic Carillons

The new Schulmerich g5® Electronic Carillon series offers gold-standard Schulmerich sound at a price that’s within reach. Our industry-leading sound is better than ever before, due to an entirely new approach to bell sampling that gives each sound its own personality, just like an actual cast bronze bell. Built to last, the Schulmerich g5® series provides advanced functionality backed by today’s best technology, and a range of music and variety of bell sounds that is simply unmatched.

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Nearly 80 years ago, founder George Schulmerich discovered that tiny rods of cast bronze struck with miniature hammers produced barely audible, but pure, bell tones, and that these sounds could be amplified electronically to produce a rich, sonorous tone.  He called his invention carillonic bells.  Soon after, Schulmerich electronic carillons were being implemented by churches across the country seeking the rich tone of the finest cast bronze bells at a fraction of the cost.

Thanks to an unrelenting focus on innovation and product quality, Schulmerich’s electronic carillon products continue to set the standard in the market today.  With the introduction of the new Schulmerich g5® Electronic Carillon series, that standard is higher than ever before.

Electronic Carillon Sound – Reinvented 

The result?  Like an actual cast bronze bell, each bell sound now has its own unique personality.  Sound – reinvented. 

Unmatched Technology - Built to Last

The Schulmerich g5®’s technology makes it simpler and easier to use your electronic carillon than ever before.  With features that include a 15” LCD touch-screen with an easy-to-use interface, network connectivity that enables secure remote access, multi-layered password controls, and an array of scheduling options, the new series’ technology is simply unmatched.

The range of available music and variety of bell sounds is also unparalleled:  8 swinging bells and 25 tolling bells – fully customizable.  8 types of clock chimes, with 4 settings for each.  Up to 7,800 songs, available in multiple keys, musical arrangements and various bell voices, plus bagpipe selections.  And a virtually endless capacity to create and save your own playlists. 

But technology is only good if it lasts.  Fortunately, we’ve learned how to build electronic carillons for the long haul.  Just ask one of our many customers whose Schulmerich is still going strong 30 years later.  The Schulmerich g5® software and components are as robust as ever and made using commercial/industrial-grade components, with the attention to detail that is our hallmark. 

A Series Built With You in Mind

We know that electronic carillon bell sounds are best when they come from a Schulmerich.  However, we also know that in recent years, some churches have had to settle for lesser competitor products because they simply couldn’t afford a Schulmerich.  No longer.  The new Schulmerich g5® series has five different models, designed to meet just about every need and budget, for less than ever before.  Buyers can rest assured that – regardless of the model - the sound quality and attention to detail are identical.

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